Below you will find resources to accompany Radical. We hope more than anything that reading this book simply points you to the Word of God, and these resources are provided to hopefully assist you in that journey.


The Bible Study

Life Bible Study is offering an 8-lesson curriculum to complement Radical. It's designed for easy group facilitation.

Radical: The Bible Study will include:

   • 8 Bible study lessons which correspond to the 8 book chapters of Radical

   • Challenging lessons to help believers put the book's concepts into practice

   • Each lesson includes commentary, teaching plans, discussion questions, and more

   • Differentiated teaching plans to meet various adult group sizes and needs

   • A special teaching plan specifically for senior high school students

For more information and to get the Bible study go to Life Bible Study's web site.


Chapter Resources

For each chapter of the book, you will find resources on various texts that are mentioned in that chapter.   Chapter 9 contains extensive resources for "Radical Experiment".

Ultimately, we pray that in all things God’s Spirit through God’s Word will be your authority and guide as you live out a life of radical obedience to Him.